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Sept 5, 2004 3:35AM ET Update

Princess MercuryNew look because I loved that wordless exchange between Sonic & Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog #140. First, many thanks to Jaguirareo, Knuxz, Blue, and Arrowhead for their Knuckles' 10th anniversary logos. The main page wouldn't be special without your logos. :) Secondly, the first of two planned "specials" should be hitting Knuckles Haven in late October. They're surprises, so don't bother asking. You'll see what they are when they hit though I'm expecting a love/hate affair for both "specials." I'm working on a third, but I might save that one for another time due to my time constraints.

As I'm sure most have noticed, it's been awhile since most of the fan sections have been updated. Mostly due to broken links (though part of it has to do with other plans that I'm not making public knowledge), I'm not going to add much new in terms of fan stuff until what is already posted is properly linked. Fan comics were finished a long time ago. Fan art is what I'm currently working on and when it's finally done, fiction is next.

Starting with #130, I've been reviewing Sonic The Hedgehog issues for ComiX-Fan. I'm only announcing this now because I've finally gotten around to updating this page. If you read comic books, it's a pretty cool place to check out. My review for #140 is also up now so you can read that if you are interested. No major spoilers are allowed in ComiX-Fan reviews, so don't expect to see any if you do read. ;)

I never did get around to the Master Emerald Awards for 2004, so my apologies for that one. This time, I most definitely will, in part because Knuckles Haven's 5th anniversary is coming up. I can't believe it'll be five years soon and that feat will deserve a little "party."

--True Red

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